Brown & Out at USC

841310_486313651406551_99721307_oNina is thrilled to be performing in the short play festival she initially helped direct. The special edition of Brown & Out 2 will happen this Thursday night at 7pm at the Ground Zero Performance Cafe at USC. There will also be a special announcement, which you wont want to miss.  And it’s free!!! More details below:

7PM at Ground Zero Performance Cafe at USC
615 Childs Way, Los Angeles, 90089
More details:
Join South Asian Network, El Centro Chicano, USC School of Social Work Rainbow Alliance Caucus, USC School of Social Work, Latino/a Caucus, USC LGBT Resource Center and QuASA for an amazing theatrical performance produced by Miguel Garcia. A new short-play festival celebrating the Latino/a LGBTQ experience.Short plays include:
“The Foundation For A Better Gay Brown Life” by Miguel Garcia
“The Baby Cries” by Mario J. Novoa
“A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving: The Untold Story” by Natalie CamunasStarring Natalie Camunas, Nina Harada, Blanca Melchor, Martin Morales, MJ Silva, Andres Solorzano, Cesar Solorzano and Carla Vega

Brown and Out is a short-play festival presenting works written by Latino/a & LGBTQ storytellers representing the rich, diverse, ever-evolving Latino/a and LGBTQ culture

We will have free food and a panel afterwards to discuss issues related to Latino/a LGBTQ community. Please join in and bring your questions…